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How can I make a blockquote without using HTML?

It is not clear to me , how to respond directly to a sender and not the whole group.

Thank you,

Somebody want to ‘splain somthin’ to me about blog page function problem ?
I was trying to copy/paste from a post here , over to a new blog post , but all I got was this popup

Please use Ctrl+V/Cmd+V keyboard shortcuts to paste contents.

Dammit, Jim, I’m not a computer programmer, I’m a computer Dummy !

I don’t mind admitting that, and I’d just as soon wait for assistance to my specific problem , as I would go digging around . I use the same thing (Wordpress) for my main website, and I don’t know what the heck I’m doing there, either, and

I know that someone who knows what they are doing can show me where to look
or just explain what to do, much less frustratingly than me floundering around .



Is it possible/okay to attach pdfs to a post? I have an interesting article.


If that PDF belongs to someone else, I make a suggestion and that is to get permission first! 'Rather be safe, than sorry!" Or am I barking up the wrong tree?.:>)

Thanks Gerry. I think I’ll take a chance :-).


“Fore-warned is fore-armed!”

Best of luck to you! Regards!



Gerry, On my iPhone!

Hi @Jeff_McWhinney_Designs. I just added “pdf” to the list of allowed uploads so you can do this. You can just use the usual “upload button” which looks like an arrow pointing upward and select the pdf.

I just received an email from news@ganoksin.com and when I tried to open
How to Mount Objects in Metal Frames my computer said it was identified as an unsafe site and would not access it. I can’t find anyplace on this site to send Ganoksin an email so I am trying to communicate in this manner.
Pat Klein "Gray

Hi Pat. Do you use a Microsoft product to read your email such as: Windows Mail or Outlook or Office 365? If so, the Microsoft email system has something called Safelink Protection which tries to flag any links it thinks might be unsafe and it is wrongly marking our links as unsafe because the links which forward to our website rather than linking directly to our website. Our newsetter service says the problem is being worked on but sounds like it’s tough to reach through to Microsoft to fix it.

So the long and short of it is that the the links are safe to click. This false warning is only happening to Microsoft email users with Safelink Protection.

I hope this is helpful. I apologize for these annoying warnings.

Hi this is Ron and frankly don’t know if I sent you something… so don’t worry I’m neither harmful nor of good memory. Ron