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About opening a retail shop

Dear Orchidian Friends, It seems that this list is full of knowledge
and experience and here I am with questions that will give me a
start in my new carreer.

I am planning to open a retail store in Alaska and/or in Florida.
Why these two places is beasuse I want to be go there seasonal.

But I want to start with Alaska first and these are some of my many
questions. But if some have answers to these questions realted to
Florida too then it will be appreciated.

  1. Is this is a good idea to invest in a store in Alaska?

  2. If yes where is the best place to set up one? ( city/area in a

  3. WHat kind of customers I should be looking at? ( Resident or

3b. If tourist what are the best months to be there?

  1. What are the rents and other expenses there?

  2. What kind of security and inssurance I Will need?

  3. If some one have experience have a shop there so they can tell
    me do’s and don’t that will be great? I have so many other questions
    but I think these are already alot. If any one want to send me direct
    email my email adddress is @James_Bart