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ABI tack II welder review

I just wanted to pass along my two cents about the ABI tack II welder
in the wake of the articles just seen. After a shaky start, I’m
really in love with it. It certainly makes positioning heads, jump
rings etc. a breeze and is saving time (or possibly just saving
frustration) in our 5 goldsmith shop.

Granulation is very fun and cool! see:

Image saved from:

I haven’t had any luck fusion welding silver, but then I haven’t
really spent time on it… and the collet on the cock and fire weld
pencil is sloppy.

My score:

Concept of tool

Product $ value
8/10 at $1,300. can it be that hard to build?

Product quality
5/10 arrived damaged due to design flaw, voltmeter went out in 2
weeks, but the folks at ABI were good and now everything works.

4/10 overpriced, make your own

My advice, buy one and experiment, it is worth learning to use it.

Michael Babinski


Help others make informed buying decisions with ABI. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Granulation is very fun and cool! see: 

Very pretty piece irregardless of the method. Excellent taste and