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ABI pulse arc III will not fire

Can anyone help me determine why my ABI pulse arc III will not fire
after using the following settings: Tip #3 High power, 60wats I get the
first firing and then just clicking. I clean the electrode and then
get one firing. Same thing, click, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sterling VanDerwerker
Royal Diadem Jewelers
Greensboro, NC

Can’t help you, but I had the same problem. Send the thing back and
bought a Joyal Resistant Tacker, it works every time. it’s a
commerical unit not a toy. Since then I bought a laser welds and am
now selling the tacker. It was $2500+ new, I’m asking $1800 +
shipping, it’s one year old. Either eamil me at: or call at 215-493-1300 ask for Barry or
Brian. Good luck with your ABI

Do you have a schematic, or can you request one from the
manufacturer? I do a lot of component level repair on electronic
equipment, including old power supplies up to 14KW and 10KV. I can
walk you through it without you getting hurt. Just email me offline.

Jeff Simkins


I found a web page for you on the Tack III arc welder. It includes a
trouble shooting guide and schematic.

  • Jeff Simkins