A week without Orchid

Hello All,

I will be leaving for a few days to Laos. In case I wont’t find an
Internet connection there, Orchid will be down until my return. I am
planing of coming back to Bangkok on sauterday, so just bare with
me for a while :)) I will miss you all!


Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Webmaster Ganoksin Online

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We’ll miss you too! Joyce in COn

You have a great trip and enjoy if it is vacation relax and have
fun if it is work please do the same


Dear Dr. Aspler:

Oh no! A week without this! What are we to do? I for one will
be lost… :frowning: I have a new thread running!

Hello Dr. , Have a safe journey. You’ll be missed. Tom Arnold

Have a great Vacation and Fun trip!

A week without Orchid is hard to imagine, but hope you have a
wonderful trip!

Sharon Holt aka bootsie@netmdc

Dr. Aspler, What’s this? You mean to say that you have a
life other than Orchid and the net? My my my! Seriously, if
it’s a vacation, have a very good time. If it’s work
orientated, then I wish you success.

Marilyn Smith ICQ # 9529587
Indiana, USA, east of the Mississippi and west of the Appalachians