A Wayward saw blade


There may be a couple of things going on here. First, use the best
blades available. Cheap blades are just that, cheap. High quality
blades, like Laser gold or other precision blades will cut
straighter and break less. The other question is this (rocking )
technique you mention. Ideally, you will hold the saw blade
perpendicular to the piece being cut and only move the saw in an up
and down motion with slight forward pressure, letting the saw blade
do the work. A rocking motion can make your blade cut to one side or
the other. Use bur life or some other form of lube on the blade to
reduce friction. This will allow you to cut straighter and be able
to use less pressure while you cut. The last thing I can think of
might be that you are using too fine of a blade. A courser blade may
allow you to cut a straighter line. See if any or all of these tips
can help.

Happy cutting,

Phillip Scott
Technical Support & Sales
Rio Grande