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A wall sculpture called birth


New Wall Sculpture

I just finished my latest fantasy project.

It is an interactive wall sculpture called Birth.

There are two pendants fitted inside it.

Check out


This is really amazing!

I have pondered creating "wall art"that can stand on its own and can
also hold a pendant in such a way that gives the pendant a “double
life” so to speak. The pendant can be worn as jewelry and also be a
part of a larger artistic piece that can beseen and enjoyed when it
is not being worn.

Do others have similar imaginings? Have others created things like
this? If so, it wouldbe great to see your work.

Thanks, Christa


Yep, it’s in my head but not yet created. LOVE Hans’ work, his
creativity, and his amazing gift for sharing the process with all of
us. Such a great thing to do.