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A two post plate-style buckle (and belt)

I would like to share an idea with the Ganoksin Community.

The attached PDF document describes a small modification to the standard plate-style belt buckle and associated belt.

The idea is that adding a second post to a plate-style buckle obviates the need for snaps, screws or rivets to attach the belt to the buckle. Buckles with this design are more readily interchangeable among belts.

I have made and worn a number of cast bronze, cast copper and 3D printed plastic buckles based on this design.

The document is intended to provide a clear and complete explanation of the idea - more than can readily be conveyed in a forum post. The document is eight pages long, but five of those are illustrations. Hopefully the illustrations alone convey the idea.

Two_Post_Buckle.pdf (2.2 MB)


I like your PDF. I sometimes think that they are the better way to go than a you tube video…Rob


I would have also liked to have attached an STL file with the original post, but I could not figure out how to do it.

Here is a link to an STL file containing the buckle that appears in the illustrations in the PDF.

[Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.](https://Two post plate-style buckle)

I make buckles and have for many years. The retail outlets that carry my product all have thousands of dollars tied up in belt inventory. They all carry belts with at least 2 snaps, 3 if it’s for 4 pc.ranger sets w/2 keepers. Your “2 prong buckle” is a clever idea - if you plan on supplying the leather yourself or have a leather craftsman that can do it for you.

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Hi Philip,
Where can I see your buckles?
I also make them and just finished the last of 60 off for my show
coming up next year.
Im at vladimirdotfrateratgmaildotcom if we can correspond off Ganoksin.
Mine are mostly in bronze, the best are bronze with sterling minted
fronts of “night” and “Day” by Bertel Thorvaldsen The danish Sculptor
when he was working in Rome in1820/30.
We wont clash, im in UK.!

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Phillip, thank you for your feedback.

To date, because the belt needed for these buckles is a pretty simple strap, I have not had problems getting several leather crafters to make belts for me. It is a matter of providing a clear specification of what I want. Perhaps I should post more information on the belt design.

I agree with you that it would be much more convenient for consumers if retail outlets offered a selection of the buckles and the associated belts.

However, I also think it is advantageous to adopt the mindset that plate-style buckles and belts are independent purchases in the same way we think of cufflinks and shirts. If I come upon a beautiful pair of cufflinks (like those you make), I might buy them to wear with shirts I already own. Or I might buy a shirt knowing that it would work with cufflinks I already own. It is understood that jewelry stores sell cufflinks and don’t sell shirts; that could become the norm for plate-style buckles.

Obviously, consumers already have that option today if they are willing to unsnap or unscrew the belt and switch out the buckle. But buckles tend to stick to the belt they are bought. If switching buckles among belts is at all cumbersome, buying one more buckle or one more belt doesn’t do much for you.

STL Two_Post_Buckle.stl Posted on behalf of @Metallogical

My buckles can be seen on Tom Taylor’s website.
My buckles are handmade and pricey. Customers, mostly men, buy my buckles and a belt at the same time. Almost impossible to sell buckles w/o
belts. Many men will buy belts to go with different suits or casual wear. I personally wear my buckle with jeans on a stitched bridle leather belt. (1 1/2”, 1 1/4” and 1” are the sizes that I make and are standard.)
The belts they carry mostly have 3 snaps so it’s easy to change belts. The 3 snaps secure the buckle and the keeper separately. That also carry belts with 4 snaps for “Ranger Sets” - buckles with 2 keepers and a tip.
If you can swing it, have at least a small stock of belts on hand!