A thank you to Orchid and its participants

I want to thank Hanuman for this very special forum that we are all
so privileged to use. For a few years, I’ve been quietly in the
background, gleaning great nuggets of which are so
generously shared by many people.

Over a month ago I posted an email requesting any advice or help
anyone could give me regarding a show I was doing in New York.
Without repeating details, I just wanted to thank those of you who
responded to me with great advice. I want to give a very special
thanks to the person who volunteered for booth help “just for the
experience”. She would like to remain anonymous, so I will not
mention her name. However, her help, her friendliness in dealing with
customers, her ability to just pick up on how I presented my work,
and her efficiency was MORE than incredible. This wonderful gift was
presented to me through this forum, and for this I am truly grateful.

I had no idea what to expect when this person offered her
assistance, but it was much more than I ever expected. I definitely
had some fears, not knowing her at all, except through an initial
chat that came after her volunteering. I have learned in my “new
life” as an artist/metalsmith, that there is truly a generous, very
giving spirit within this community. Although there are many
negatives in life upon which we could focus, I’ve chosen to focus on
the positive. Using my creative instincts and my great faith in
people (especially this metalsmithing community), I have been blessed
with many wonderful experiences. I’ve learned that the more generous
I’ve become, the return is many times more. In this ever-changing
world, there is one constant - with every new leap I take, there is
an enriching abundance of great adventures and experiences to be had.

Besides being lucky enough to love what I do, I have been extremely
fortunate with all of the treasures that have come my way since I
have taken this path. SO, for anyone out there, sitting on the
edge, ready to take a leap - just do it!! You can take that message
on any level you want - from participating in Orchid, to making
decisions regarding your life. Jump in and participate - life is
full of surprises, and it’s definitely worth the risk.

What a beautifull letter! and so well said!

I only stumbled upon the Orchid forum by chance, and I feel that it
was heaven sent!! I feel like I have so much support, and approval ,
where as once I felt quite isolated.

“Orchid family” its great to have you around me, with every causious
step forward I make you are there to motivate and encourage!

Dublin, Ireland

Cynthia - I am so glad things went well for you! I have also found
that what I give, I receive back ten-fold. I have benefitted by
others sharing with me, both here on Orchid and
elsewhere. I share what I know with others, both formally in
residencies, and informally one-on-one and in passing conversations.
I volunteer prolifically (my husband says I am a professional
volunteer ), but to me, that is a vital part of life. If I
don’t give to others, then I am less than complete myself.

I second the big thanks to Orchid. Not only have I learned a
tremendous amount here (I just saved Don’s bezel sanding post), but I
have met new friends also, who continue to enrich my life.

Thanks to Hanuman and all who post tips and suggestions!

Beth from SC (melting in the NC beach heat!)


You reap what you deserve. How you put yourself out there, or even
just out gathers around you the souls you are meeting.

I met you in Santa Monica last year. I was immediately taken by the
beauty of your work, quickly followed by the beauty of yourself.

A friend and I spent quite a bit of time with you discussing
techniques. We gained much from this relatively short period we
spent with you.

Over the years I have been an Orchid member, I have found within the
messages posted people I know I would enjoy. At Orchid Dinners, I
have been able to meet many of them face to face, and friendships
have developed.

There is another side to this, there are a few I know for one reason
or another, I would not enjoy. Some have posted booth numbers at
shows I attend, and I have gone over to test my theory. This has
happened twice. My gut instinct prevailed.

There is no room in my life for prejudices especially “American
Only” ones. They only breed unfair judgement of others. Ethnic
prejudices are also evil.

We are International, we are equally good or bad as it may be. Most
have accepted one another in mutual respect and friendship. This is
a caring and sharing list, long may it live.


To Cynthia’s anonymous helper, Thank you for embodying the spirit of

Bright blessings,
Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Benicia, CA

I’m sorry, I have to diagree strongly with something that one of our
list members said:

You reap what you deserve. How you put yourself out there, or even
just out gathers around you the souls you are meeting. 

Orchid is a lovely cyber-place, filled with, for the most part,
wonderful, generous people. This is a little shangri-la and we may
find that the beneficial aura of this space frequently follows us
out into the real world.

While I do believe that following the Golden Rule is the best way to
live one’s life, for some people, sometimes life is just very, very
hard, and try as they might, through NO FAULT of their own, they get
beaten down, chewed up, spit out. We are lucky, lucky, lucky.

Sorry. Hot button.

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts