A Thai Orchid dinner in Bangkok

To all the Orchidians,

I was fortunate indeed to be able to meet our benevolent host and
moderator during my recent stay in Thailand, and I would like to
share a few words about the man we know as Hanuman. Although the time I
was able to spend with him was far too short and passed much too
quickly, it was quite a treat to get to know a bit of this person.

In true accordance with his namesake from Thai mythology, ‘Hanuman the
warrior monkey’, our Hanuman is the emanation of activity. He is a
charming and gracious individual, warm hearted and very human, and he
is entirely dedicated to the Ganoksin Website and the Orchid Forum.

At present our host maintains the website and moderates and posts
this forum entirely by himself, during the few hours of each day in
which he is not working and probably should be sleeping. When I spoke
with him last, during the Chinese New Year, he was actually taking a
few days away and answered his phone from the waterfalls in Chieng
Rai. I hope he enjoyed a bit of quiet and relaxation, so richly
deserved, in the natural beauty of the north of the Kingdom.

Those who have been subscribers for any length of time will have
noticed by now that Hanuman seldom writes or posts anything to the
forum, preferring for the most part to remain in the background. My
own impression is that he is sustained and nourished by the concept of
this ‘Orchid’ entity, and the compelling participation of so many
individuals from all corners of the globe.

There has been much discussion and input regarding funding of the
Orchid Forum and the Ganoksin Website, and as I am sure that Hanuman
greatly appreciates all of the ideas presented towards a fee or paid
subscription, as such they are not in keeping with his creation of a
free and open vehicle of exchange and sharing which is available to
all, equally accessible and entirely cost free. It is indeed a great
privilege to be able to participate so freely here and especially to
note that the man we know as Hanuman devotes the majority of his
energies, both physical and financial to allow us this opportunity.

I look forward with great enthusiasm to the next occasion I have to
share a meal and conversation with this delightful being. Thanks
again, my friend, for everything!

Best wishes to all.

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA