A short introduction

hi people instead of lurking unbeknownst, i thought i would let you
know i am reading your posts, learning and gathering

i am self teaching my self the art of jewelry making now for the last
few years…, i am starting to learn casting and after heaps of
wasted wax and hours of lost time carving… i think i have that
figured… mostly… i also do my own lapidary, which is the reason i
started making jewelry…(.as i write there is 2kg of rough aussy
boulder opal heading to my address )… i am saving up to
buy a faceting machine …infact , now that i think about it i
am always saving up to buy some sort of tool or rock or metal…

i guess you could say that i have turned pro now… i have sold
pretty much every thing i have made… my wife gets my
rejects… my response from costumers and onlookers has always
been very positive, i tend to make very large stones ,so my jewelry
also is very big… some people like it but say they are to
bashfull to wear somthing that stands out so much…

i do not make my living from jewelry yet… hopfully this will
happen… i am lucky though, i am fishermen and my season allows
me the summers off… i also carve wax on my boat…

any way bye for now… know i am lurking rick…RICKS BIG