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A sad day - Carrie Adell

I would like to add my thoughts and memories about Carrie Adell, who
passed away this week in Santa Fe.

Carrie was a one-of-a-kind. Nobody who met her ever forgot Carrie
Adell. She was an incredible ball of energy seeking to express her
deep spiritual connection with the universe and its materials. I have
known her for over 20 years and we were fortunate to have her teach
here (at the Revere Academy) three months ago during our Masters
Symposium, despite her declining health and fears about the future.
(It might have been her last teaching gig).

Always overwhelming with ideas, activities and energy, Carrie came
from a place of wanting to connect with people, and wanting to
connect people with the Earth. Carrie was an inspiration. She was an
inventor. She was a creator. She was an artist. I will treasure the
memories of her love, her laugh, and her indefatigable lust for life.
Dance on, Carrie.


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