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A ridiculous message for a forum


I’m not bothered by this message, but some of our less aggressive members might decide not to post if they were confronted with this nonsense:


That’s interesting. Never seen that. I’ll see if I can turn that feature off. This software has built-in features to try and facilitate good discussions but I agree that one seems misguided.


Hi Leah,
Pint 1.
Ive had it too, most irritating. Its up to me to decide how many times and where i post replies. It looked as tho the person who put this in the s/ware was being mean about the hard drive space long discussions take up. In my case I was mentoring a very inexperienced person who was struggling to complete a buckle project for the past Christmas. Even with my best efforts, she still fouled it up at the last moment.
Another sorchere’s apprentice. aca. W Disney.
Point 2.
Can I put a short written history of my working over the past 50 yrs! in my personal notes?
Rather a important milestone for me, this year.


OK, I’ve changed that forum setting. Thanks for pointing it out, @Betty2.

@vladimirfrater, you could put those in your “About Me” section in your Profile. Is that you had in mind? Congrats on the 50 year milestone!