A note regards Hallmarks

To all Orchidians,

Over here in the UK a Hallmark is an official makers mark registered
at the Goldsmith’s Hall in Foster Lane, London, this is why it is
called a “Hallmark”. We pay for registration of our marks and our
mark remains on record at the Goldsmith’s Hall, anyone wanting
on specific makers marks can enquire at the Hall and
they will give whatever they can. They also publish books
of UK Hallmarks. The UK halmarking system is recognised on antique
silverware and goldware worldwide and with the correct books you can
correctly,year date any piece that is marked, you can also locate
where the piece was assayed by the assay office mark, which is
different for each city. Many of us UK goldsmiths are unhappy at
recent European rule changes that enable makers to sell goods without
an official Hallmark, up until the new European rules it was illegal
to sell gold and silver goods in this country, without an official
assay officeHallmark, now there is no guarantee that the article
marked as 18 carat gold is not a forgery.

Obviously we all like to think that everyone in our trade is honest,
but I recently resized a ring marked 18K only to find that it was
heavily goldplated base metal, it was quite a difficult time
explaining to the customer that their USA purchased treasure was a

Here ends my soapbox moan at changing times.

Best wishes to all honest orchidians, and I wish I could have gone
to Tucson,

James Miller FIPG,

A proud Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, a
companywhich has been in existance since 1300, yes thats over 700
years. A link to the Goldsmith’s Company is www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk