A new task light

Hi, Orchidians

I just came across a new item at Costco that may be useful to some,
and, with some modification, more useful to more.

Item 949179 ($14.39) is being marketed as a Bar-B-Que GRILL LIGHT.
It’s powered by three AAA batteries, has a reasonably secure clamp,
a_24_inch_gooseneck, and a tiny head with six LEDs. The distributor
tells me it has about a 40 hour battery life. As it is it can easily
clamp on the bench or a piece of equipment and bring the light right
down to your work. Of course there is almost no heat produced.

I’m hoping to influence the manufacturer to jazz up the light output
even more, and use a plug-in-the-wall power supply for uses such as

No, I don’t own Costco (damn)!

Dr. Mac

Looks like a great light.

Also, a little bit of effort would allow the batteries to be
by-passed by one of those extra transformers we all have around from
an old cell phone charger or AC adaptor for one of the many
electronic devices that we threw out a while ago. Most of these are
marked with the output voltage and it should be easy to match one to
that of three AAA batteries.

LED have a life of tens of thousands of hours and should have a wide
operating range as far as voltage is concerned. Even if rigged up to
a transformer with less than ideal amperage, the life should be very