A month in Bangkok

Hi everyone,

By next February I will spend a month studying at AigsThailand
gemlab in Bangkok. If anyone had any suggestion on how to get the
most of this expirience (both Aigs and Bangkok-Thailand) I would most
appreciate it. Course and flight tickets paid, accomodation still to
be booked. Any suggestion on affordable accomodation for this
crisis-hit gemsetter and his wife?

While there, I would also like to get to know a bit about the Thai
jewelry industry, but I don’t know anyone there.

Ok, that’s all for now. Thanks.



You could check with Hanuman…He has lived there for long time.
Also, a gentleman by the name of Alex Ross is quite well connected
in the trade there. He used to be the assistant manager for GIA
Thailand campus. That has changed and not sure where he is.
Definitely hit up the Pat Pong area for shopping, eating and anything
else you desire…especially at night. Also, “Angkinun Jansasithorn”
[plediamond at hotmail.com[, was an instructor there teaching design
and CAD. She is local Thai and a great person who knows contacts as
well. I believe this is Alex Ross’s email as well…“ALEX ROSS”
[alexross.gia at gmail.com]

Have a good time