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A. Jaffe settings


Hi all,

I have a client who recently purchased a 1 ct diamond from me. She
has been scouring the web for months to find THE ring and has decided
on an A. Jaffe setting. I put the diamond into a solitaire setting
for now so she can wear it and I told her that I would do my best to
get the setting she wanted. Then I contacted the A. Jaffe company
about buying a setting and learned that I can not buy from them. (You
have to have a store front, and have to make a $30,000 initial
purchase and do at least $30,000 a year with them. I can’t do that).
Any thoughts on how or where I can get this setting for her? I have
searched everywhere for it. I even looked on Ebay. No luck.



Hi Lisa,

We carry several lines (including A. Jaffe) that have heavy buy-ins,
and limited distribution. If the efforts you’ve taken already haven’t
worked (eBay, etc.), then you need to consider giving up the sale and
sending her to a retailer that actually carries the line. Anyone who
does carry the line doesn’t have much incentive to sell it to you at
wholesale, so… your only other option would be to rip off the
design and make it yourself, but that poses an ethics question that
only you can answer.

Jalia M. LaNoue
Spinelle Fine Jewelers
Napa, California


I would find out from A Jaffe who is selling their designs in your
area and call them and beg for them to supply the mounting…even if
you have to pay retail, it’s probably worth it to keep the
customer…had a similar situation and had the customer purchase a
semi-mount and I set the Major diamond for them.

Good luck!
Mary Frances Dunker


Mary - I’ve considered going to someone who carries the settings and
asking to buy it at, say, 10% over cost. If I can’t find it anywhere
else, I may end up doing that. I don’t want to copy the setting
because that’s just wrong. My clients have already put a deposit on
the ring (actually it was some money left over after I quoted them a
price for the diamond and them found another stone at a better price)
so I’d really like to find it for them. I already have so much time
invested in this project that I’d like see it through to the end.