A Good Jeweler Story

Dear Orchidians,

I read a letter in Dear Abby that warmed my heart and hope it will do
the same for all you out there. It said: “My husband of nearly 35
years passed away a few months ago. Needless to say, it has been the
most devastating loss I have ever experienced. Within a couple of
weeks of his death, a piece of the emerald in my wedding ring broke.
The insurance company sent me to a jeweler to make repairs. I
brought along my husband’s wedding band, thinking he could make it
smaller so I could wear it. Instead, he suggested that he make a
heart out of it and, after replacing the stone in my wedding ring,
take the broken stone and reshape it into a teardrop hanging from the
center of the heart. I now wear this simple yet beautiful heart next
to my own, combined with the original stone from my wedding band.
Its emotional value is priceless. I never take it off and feel part
of my husband is always with me. signed One Of Many Florida Widows”

So, somewhere in Florida is a really thoughtful and creative jeweler.
As I think Jeanette K was saying, it is good to promote the good to
offset the sensational bad stories.

Also, thanks to all who have given me advise on the Tagua Nuts, you
are a great group!

Marta in Sacramento