A gift from heaven

I too am setting up a shop in a storage unit. I am very concerned
about fumes with a very small budget. I work with the door open.
Recently the unit next door started housing a car and the gas odor
is strong. :frowning: (may have to move my unit) I am picking up the
lapidary equipment from an estate some time in the next 4 weeks. I
found it all by chance at a fiber arts show in Ohio because I talk
to strangers too much. heh heh All my large tools will be replaced
from the flood and I can get into full production. :)))<— very

I already have respiratory disease from life with a heavy smoker. I
need to do as little damage to self as possible.

I will probably have a number of questions once I get the saw as it
is a monster saw and I am used to cutting by hand and on a small
tile saw. I also have never owned a cabbing machine. I have been
hand cabbing soft stones and amber. I am hoping the machines
manufactures will supply any missing paperwork for a small fee.
Manuals for tools are safety bibles and I like having them.

The deal includes a cabbing machine and various tools and slabs all
for under a grand. I had to share because it is just a gift from
God. WooHoo I am so excited I am almost nauseous.

An American Cameo Artist

Good for you! You are past due for a break. Enjoy!

marilyn smith