A few things I no longer use

I have an acetylene B tank and cart, SilverSmith acetylene air torch with hoses and regulator and a Rio Grande desktop polishing station with pads for sale. After moving, I no longer use them. I would love to get them to a home that would use them.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Prices: Tank, cart, torch, regulator, hoses $225
Polishing station $245
Contact: hoover@viclink.com

Hi Doug, Try gelling in touch with CMAG (Creative Metal Art Guild) in Portland, or https://cmaguild.org/. I am sure there are people there that could use what you have. Vince LaRochelle

Thanks for the resource!

I am interested in your equipment, I will be in Portland sometime on Friday. Can you contact me by e-mail so I might ask you a few questions?

Hi Penny,

  Let me know when you will be in Portland on Friday. Give me your

phone or email to contact.


Not sure of exact schedule, will be out most of the day today but call my cel
in the evening at 206-947-3091