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A Fellow Orchidian needs urgent support


Dear Hanuman et al,

My mother, Barbara O’Neill, email: @Barbara_O_Neill1 has been a
member of Ganoksin for some time and has always talked about how
helpful the website, newsletter and you have been to her.

Well, now something terrible has happened to her. Her husband of
seven years, not my father, beat her so badly that she lost all the
sight in one eye and the other is not very good. He also broke her
hands. She was a jeweler and gemstone maker; so you can easily
imagine what this has done to her ability to work.

The reason I’m writing to you is to ask you, if you think it would
be appropriate, to mention this in your newsletter and that a
relief fund has been setup for her at paypal. She ran away from her
husband and is hiding from him, but she has a lot of healing to do
and no income whatsoever. I’m still a student at college, I have no
way of helping her and I am dying from the sadness and cruelty of
what happened to my mother.

If anyone would want to contribute even a dollar or two it would
help; she has nothing. She brought her jewelry tools with her when
she ran away, but it will be at least a month before she can even
try to work again; and with her eyes and her hands the way they
are, who knows? I do know my mother, however, and if there is any
way at all that she can keep on with her work; she will do it.

She needs help badly. Do you think you could put this in your
newsletter? And if anyone wanted to contribute, they could send it
to paypal, to the email address: This is an
account of my mother’s, she would be so amazed to see that somebody
cares. She is spunky, but it is so hard for her I can’t stand it.

Thank you very much for considering this.

Rebecca Ladd
Barbara O’Neill’s daughter



Your mother has a room in my home for however she may need one. The
refrigerator is full.

I am sending this through the list as well as privately. Want to
make sure you see it.

Give her good wishes.


Dear Barbara and Rebecca

How crushingly horrible! I hope that you have reported this criminal
assault ( attempted murder?) to the police! This person should be
behind bars, where he can’t hurt you or anyone else. Aside from
direct help, you can also look to CERF (craftsmen’s emergency relief
fund) as they may be able to help. There are also private and gov’t
organizations for victims of violent crimes and in particular for
abused women. I hope you have an advocate who can help you connect to
a shelter which in turn can help you connect to counseling and other
services to help you get through this. I’m sure we all wish you a
swift and full recovery, body and soul. Kind

regards, Marianne


Dear Orchidians,

My mother, Barbara O’Neill and I, Rebecca Ladd, want to say thank you
so very much for your show of support, with money, advice and offers
of shelter. Orchidians have sent $250 to my mother’s paypal account
and this will help a lot. Several have also mentioned CERF and we
think she may qualify for help from there. She just has to be able to
keep going until she can work again, one way or another. Your support
has not only put gas in the tank and food in the refrigerator, it’s
made her feel like she really better keep going - there are people
who care. I can’t tell you how much that means to her or to me.

Rebecca Ladd
Oh, Happy 21st birthday to me today!
Thank you all, so much, especially you, Hanuman!


Hello, Rebecca, I am so very sorry to hear what has happened, and
would like to help, the little bit I can, but–please forgive me-- in
the world the way it is today, I would feel much more comfortable if
there is some way to verify the reality of the situation. Can someone
offer some way to do this?

Please don’t take my caution personally… --Noel


Dear Noel,

I understand completely. These days, who knows what’s what? When I
wrote to Hanuman, I was very impetuous, because I’m so concerned
about my mother. Truthfully, I didn’t think he would post my letter
and was amazed when I went back to the computer that same night and
there were three donations, one from Hanuman, one from one of the
jewelers my mother has written to back and forth and another from
someone she doesn’t know. All the others, $250 altogether, were from
people who had never written to my mother, fellow Orchidians, but
with gas, food and car repairs that is already more than half gone.
My mother was embarassed and a little upset with me, but then she
just cried and cried. This has been so awful for her; she’s a very
positive person, but if I told you all the things that have happened
to her and are continuing to happen, just yesterday, her car broke
down for the second time. This car never had one problem for all the
time she’s had it and that is a long time. So now, she has no car
besides everything else. And I have to go back to school in a couple
of days or I will be kicked out, so she will be alone.

She is starting to be able to type again, at least, slow but sure. I
don’t believe that any number of bad things could make my mother
give up and I hope I’m right, but I worry.

What can I tell you? I thought that people would go to her website, and see her work, but then, I didn’t put that in the
letter and some people don’t know about email addresses showing the
website name. But last night I went there and, lo and behold, her
rotten husband had taken it off the web! Unfortunately, before she
left, she didn’t erase passwords from the computer they shared. My
mother did not do anything to his website, which she built. He has
changed the password for that website so my mother can’t even take
her name off of it. He probably thought my mother would do what he
did; wreck the website, but my mother is a lady and she is not
destructive even when, maybe, she should be. She would never do such
a thing. My mother stayed with him until this last time, because she
was afraid of what would happen to a woman almost 60 years old out on
her own. And all of the things she was afraid of have happened and
more. She had planned to set up her studio and work, once she healed
enough, and sell some things on ebay, too. Then, all of her things
got snowed in and we can’t get to them.

But she did bring her box of cut gemstones and we are going to start
listing them on ebay for sale. She has a lot of them and we are
going to explain why she is selling them. A lot of them are native
cut, but most all of them are so beautiful! It will be sad to part
with them, she’s been collecting for a while. Her ebay name is
bonbarbara, if anyone is interested in buying one or some, once they
are listed. We will offer a money back guarantee, so no one will feel
ripped off, if they don’t like what they receive.

Also, she just got permission from the person she is buying ten
acres of land from, to sell the land, so that will be listed, as
well, on ebay, probably today. He called while I am writing this.

Maybe one of you would like to buy a beautiful ten acre property in
Wisconsin. It’s half wooded and half clear and so pretty! Right on
the county road with utilities at the road. There is a very old
mobile home on it, but no electricity, water well or septic. It’s
supposed to have good hunting, according to the locals. You can look
up the listing later today under Land/ Wisconsin.

I can get a copy of the doctor’s certification of disability and fax
it or email it to you. I could, maybe, take a picture of my mother.
The situation is really real, Noel, it’s not a scam. My mother is
trying every resource she can find, just to get her through this
little time. Just a month or so and then she’ll be back on her feet.
Maybe sooner, if the land sells or a miracle happens.

I hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything more I
can tell you.

Rebecca Ladd

I hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything more
I can tell you. Was there, 

perhaps, a newspaper story? Something in the public record? --Noel



Please tell Barbara you need to change all your passwords, including
the Paypal one and the email server too so she is protected (if you
haven’t done so already). I am writing to her off list, but it is
better to keep it all safe.

Blessings, Happy Birthday to you ( mine was the day before) and
thank God you are there with your Mom.



Hi Rebecca,

How about a police report and pressing charges.

I think you will find quite a bit of support for your mother if there
were some validation of your story.



Dear Noel,

If they put all the stories about battered women in the newspaper;
there’d be no room for anything else, I’m afraid.

I’ve been trying for two days to catch up with the police officer I
talked to right after it happened and have not heard from him yet,
unfortunately. I’m trying again today.

I’m also typing this myself; the doctor says if I don’t move the
fingers, they will fuse and I won’t be able to move them anymore
without surgery. So typing is a very good finger exercise.

I am certainly going to post a copy of whatever I can
get. I’m also going to give Hanuman the name and telephone for the
officer, as soon as I’ve told the officer about what is happening,
again. Then Hanuman can call if he wishes and verify things or
whatever he decides to do.

I’ve just had an offer of the use of a big studio, from another
Orchidian, and we will be discussing that; she and I. So, I am very
excited about that.

I will be following up on this.

I am hoping; at a point in the nearest future that I can make it, to
be able to pay the Orchidians back for all the assistance. It’s a
goal I’ve set, to keep me going.

However, if you really have such terrible doubts about my veracity;
maybe we’d both be more comfortable if you didn’t offer help. Thanks
for your interest, Noel.


However, if you really have such terrible doubts about my veracity;
maybe we'd both be more comfortable if you didn't offer help. 

I’m sorry you feel that way. I was just trying to help-- I wish you
the best of luck.