A different outlook

I recently attended a 3 day juried show in my small city. This was my
first time at this juried show. It is the main craft fair for the
city of the year so I was quite excited to be asked to attend. I went
with no expectations except to hand out cards and hopefully sell
enough items to cover my cost for the three days. Glory be and to my
surprise not only did I have the biggest days of my life but I also
came away with signed contracts for custom pieces that can carry me
through the middle of next year. I noted that not all vendors were
doing well at all, so I did stay quiet about what my table did but I
also learned a lot. Humanity is in your soul and your heart, these
people that attended the fair did not really expect to meet their
table count but went with another idea in mind. Upon the strength of
all the vendors we were able to get enough funds (through individual
booths help cans) to be able to make at least 25 food hampers and
christmas gifts for 25 families that would other wise have nothing. I
came away from this show with a humbling feeling, of course I was
glad that I had done so well but I felt even better about helping the
families. I met old friends, new friends and some really wonderful
people. Is it just me or does Christmas really bring out the gift of
giving to others that have nothing. I am proud to say I come from a
small city that cares so much for its residents.

Leslie Easte