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A dependable digital jeweler


I had an Ohaus scale for about 5 yrs. Worked really well until the
digital readout failed. A bunch of the segments of two of the numbers
no longer work. I replaced it just last week with a Gemoro Platinum
600SS pocket scale. I tested the scale with a 500g weight and a 2
gram weight and it seems to be well calibrated. My old Ohaus scale
cost 4 x times that, so if I get two good years out of the Gemoro
scale, I am already ahead. Hopefully it will last longer than that.


TO: Chris at Stuller; Gerry Robert; Peter Rowe, Tim Blades, and
anyone else answering,

Thanks all for your help. I knew I could depend on some good
answers. Just as an FYI: I’m going to use it for my own use and not
for trading.