A couple of queries...and comment for Suzanne Wade

Hi Folks…

A while back there was a discussion on rubber cord. Someone pointed
out that Rio’s was uncoated, might leave black marks… Went to
McMaster-Carr, and oerdered some Buna-N (nitrile, I think) and
neoprene oring material…I didn’t see a listing for coated… This
stuff leaves the black marks also… Does anyone know of some wax or
lube or something to coat the cord to minimize this…?

Second one…just oxidized a sterling donello ring setting
(Pro-Craft Silver Oxidizer) and got what I think is just a fantastic
tone to it…set it with a rainbow moonstone and the flash and
contrast is just how I wanted it to turn out…What’s would be a
recommmendation to maintain the oxidized tone of the ring…I’m
think Renaissance (SP?) Wax…or…?

By the way…this for Susanne Wade…probably one of the most
important things the Orchid represents to it’s list members is the
ongoing flow and exchange of …many times other members
ask questions and get answers that I find out that I had and needed,
but wasn’t even thinking about at the time…

I think of it sometimes as this huge collective neural networking
out there in cyberspace…I’m a member of a number of other topic
mail lists, and Orchid is by far the most elegant, straightforward,
and sophisticated in terms of activity and depth of topical knowledge
and content…

Whew!..wordy, but I didn’t know how else to express it…

Gary W. Bourbonais