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A commentary on trust

Several times on this forum David Geller has mentioned, I mean
shouted, that ours is a very trust oriented business, and today, I
heard a talk radio show host go on & on for nearly 10 minutes on
this very subject.

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck started his show as usual,
and mentioned an independent jewelry store in Syracuse, NY, I
think.He had broken his watch band and needed repair so he tried
this little independent local guy. He described how the guy started
digging thru assorted boxes, and how he asked his assistant to help
look for such & such oddball part. Glenn Beck noticed how the guy
and assistant put so much concern into finding this measly part,
probably no more than 5 or 10$. Glenn was so impressed that he ended
up buying a canary yellow diamond, and then gave the store probably
$50,000 of free advertising just by talking for 10 minutes on his
show. He kept repeating, over & over, how he trusted this little
store so much. Trust was all could talk about.

I think this entire show is probably archived on the Glenn Beck
website, and is definitly worth a listen, because it is so obvious
that Dave Geller hits the nail right on the head with the trust
issue. Glenn Beck mentioned his repair problem and he mentioned the
diamond purchase, but he raved on & on how he trusted this small

Ed in Kokomo

I think this entire show is probably archived on the Glenn Beck
website, and is definitly worth a listen 

Russell Schwartz is the name of the jeweler. The store is in in
Philadelphia, William Schwartz Jewelers, 1831 Chestnut St.,
215-665-8115. He was interviewed by Glenn Beck today on the radio.
Russell’s phone has been ringing off the hook from Glenn Beck’s free
advertisement. Today’s comments centered around judging a customer by
how they are dressed and how Russell gave Glenn such good service
even though he was dressed in just jeans and a t-shirt.

Unfortunately the archives requires a Glenn Beck Insider membership.
I sent an email to Glenn Beck to see if we can get a free audio
stream of his comments.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Today, on the Glenn Beck show, he raved on again, only this time the
shop owner was on the teley with him, and said that his tely was
going crazy-it rang nearly nonstop in the background during the show
time- and the guy said people were coming into his store like never
before, all wanting to do business. Glen spent several minutes
speaking with the guy, and I bet the shop ended up receiving $100,000
worth of free promo just for being who he is. The guy even said he
received 3 watches in the mail today, for batteries, from a man in
Texas. This shop is getting so much response to the trusting free
promo he received, he’ll probably wish it never happened a month from
now when he’s laying in the hospital from a heart attack. But what a
way to go!

Ed in Kokomo

In our industry our most important tool is our reputation. It’s all
about trust.

Have a delightful day, all!
Kate Wolf in Portland, Maine hosting wicked good workshops by the bay.

I agree be a person of your word and good things will come back at

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold