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A badge-symbol :Deja Vu again!

G’day; The idea of a badge for Orchid members to display at
shows came up ages ago, and despite numerous postings on the
subject, nothing ever became of it. At the time I suggested a
little picture of a cymbidium orchid with perhaps the words,
“Orchid Jewel Forum Member” or something like that. (we spell
’it’ jewellery, not jewelry! Which is why I put it like that.)
But at that time I hadn’t got a scanner, so couldn’t do much
about it. Now I have, and what is more, there is a grower of
such exotic blooms in Nelson near where I live - I think he
exports them to America!! And 'tis the season here… I think?
Despite never going to shows - mainly because there aren’t any
here - I will see what I can do on the subject. My idea
originally was that someone could display it on their website
(I don’t have one) in downloadable form so anyone could grab it
and print it on sticky paper, card, etc at whatever size they
wished. Orchid isn’t a secret society, and the sole object in
displaying such a symbol would be to attract the attention of
fellow members at shows, particularly. So, like I said, I’ll see
what I can do; but of course, whatever I might produce would be
purely kite-flying for shooting down. Cheers, –

/ /

/ /
/ /__|\ @John_Burgess2
At sunny Nelson NZ