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9ct yellow metal problem

Hi, I have seen a bad metal recently, if anyone have an idea what happened to the metal. Thank you.

I have a 9ct yellow gold ring from casting, it’s a flat chunky ring, I buffstick the ring from 180, 400, 600, 1200, after I finished 600, I can see there are many spots spread the ring, look like little round dots, dark colour. I guess it’s porosity, I pinned it, emery again, it’s still there, looks like it goes through the metal.

Does anyone know if its porosity, how to get rid of it. If it’s porosity, it’s from waxing or casting?

Thanks again

Have you contacted the casting company you used or did you cast it yourself?
you can burnish out light porosity but if its as bad as you say then you may be better off getting it recasted.

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The recast has the same problem, I changed to another company, see how it looks this time. Thanks

Hi Sabrina, check out the amount of new gold to old gold that has been used.
The oven casting temperature should be for 9 ct. not 18 ct.
The wax was it from a CAD/CAM system or hand made wax.
When the model was recast, was the gold from the previous casting recycled.
Was (your) the gold melted with a torch or induction heated and covered with an inert gas!!
This little questionnaire, should help you in solving your problem and lead to becoming a better jeweller.

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“CT” is a short-cut for “Carat”
“KT” is a short-cut for “Karat”
Your description should read 9 Kt, not 9 Ct!.:wink:
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John is from New Zealand, where the word “Carat” is used to describe metal.

Thanks for that piece of information. I thought it was a spelling mistake or just a bit of confusion in the wording.:wink:

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