9ct yellow gold recipe

Does anyone have a good recipe for nine carat yellow gold?I need
one suitable for doing in small quantities in an open air
situation with oxy/aceytelene or oxy/propane.Hope this is all
done correctly.(first time). Johnny Sherry.

Hi Johnny, The following is 2 recipes I’ve been using since my
apprentice days. For every gram of fine gold use the percentages
of alloy.

1) Makes good colour, rolls well.
Fine silver: 12.42%   Copper: 46.58%   Zinc:  3.50%

2) Similar to above, redder in colour and slightly softer.
Fine silver: 5.50%    Copper:  53.50%   Zinc: 3.50%

Hope this helps.


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Hi Denise and Johnny,

I saw your post today and thought ‘Huh? Someone asking about
9ct? This must be a New Zealander’. I’m pleased to see another
kiwi Orchidist. I gather you’re up north somewhere? Welcome to
Orchid. Call me up!

The gold alloys that are worth exploring can be based around the
silver copper ratios. These ratios apply to all the karat golds,
though I guess they’ll have some different results depepnding on
the karatage. Different but simmilar.

The ratio of silver to copper in the alloy is expressed as 1:1
if the amounts are equal. I think of this as the yellowest alloy,
whatever the karat. I’d hazard anpther guess and say it’s the
commonest alloy at the moment.

all copper, red gold

6:1 red
3:2 pinker
2:1 pink
1:1 yellow
2:3 greenish
1:6 green
all silver, ‘white’

I happen to like all copper gold alloys, but that’s just me. I
don’t recommend all silver gold alloys as workable alloys.

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