9ct Yellow gold chain bracelet colour

Hi, I recently completed a really long term project… Started when I was pregnant and completed for my daughters 21st birthday (is that some sort of record?) My question is what to do about the colour. I finished the bracelet off in the tumbler with metal shot but is a really bright/light/white yellow colour. Not what i would normally expect. Any suggestions as to the cause and solution? Thanks!

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Couple of thoughts - perhaps you could get it 18 carat gold plated?
Also I recall finding a old book on Jewellery which gave recipes for enhancing the colour of low carat gold.
Probably not a legit thing to do today.
When I was at Tech in the early Eighties in Australia we had an influx of refugees.(Thailand or Burma I think )
Some of them turned up at our classes and although they spoke little English they were telling us of something one could use to make 9 carat gold look like 18 carat or higher - I suggest even 22 carat.
They called it “Obaht “ which is the Malay for medicine (not sure if that is the correct spelling )
Anyway it was for coughs and sore throats so not toxic - one hopes!
9 carat is such a pale gold colour that if you tumble it it really loses all it’s yellow look.
Congratulations on finishing it anyway - Life can get in the way!2021-03-10T16:00:00Z

Just remembered - the refugees were from Vietnam!

Have you tried hand polishing to finish. A good rouge may bring out the gold color. Maybe ZAM as a pre-polish and then Merard Yellow or something similar.

Thanks Charlie & Willie for the replies. Ill try the hand polish with rouge which is a good thought. Im not familiar with the ZAM or Merard yellow (ill keep my eyes open for the Vietnamese Refugees :slight_smile: