999 silver doesn't shine

I’m curious to know if the.999 fine silver does not shine up as well
as the .925 s/s? Or, am I not doing it correctly? Thank you for your

Joy Kiefner
Rhapsody Jewelry Design


You need to burnish not polish fine silver…it is too soft to use
your normal polishing methods.

Of course it shines up. Mirror-like. It just doesn’t hold the shine
as well where the surface is exposed to wear. I use it a lot - for
it’s shine.

New Zealand

Russ, I find that it is important to first burnish the fine silver
and then…give it a light polish!

Cheers, Don in SOFL

Hi Joy,

I think this was covered in a previous post, about using a burnisher
on fine silver (it was good advice and I’ll try it out).

Fine silver is very soft (I was unprepared as to how soft when I
first played with it), so would require different polishing
techniques than a harder alloy like sterling.

Regards Charles A.