[99] Tuscon Gem Show

I’m planning a first and last-minute trip to the gem show and I
was hoping someone might have suggestions on a hotel not far from
the activities that’s not fully booked. I’m also planning to
attend on Thurs. 11th and Fri. 12th. Is this too late in the
show to make a contact with a quality supplier to produce a
custom order? I was recommended by a veteran gem dealer to see
the German lapidary artists (he said they have a specific
section) to cut quality undrilled spheres from precious and

Thanks for any suggestions.


Rebecca, (and everybody)

Check out the street named Old Bensen(son?) Highway (very close
to the Holidome). It’s an old highway with lots of older “mom
and pop” motels usually with kitchenettes. We’ve always been
able to find a nice clean room for under $30 a nite, with no
advance reservation.

'Hope this helps.

Kristi Stutt
Wire Wrapping Etcetera

Ah Rebecca! It’s nice to know I’m not the only dreamer out
here! I stopped in Tucson last year, enroute home from Seattle.
Hotel room? What’s that? You might–maybe!–find something east
in NM, but you’d be several hours–like 4-8?–out of Tucson. I’m
in Alamogordo (by White Sands and Holloman AFB, home of the
Stealths) and it’s a 5-6 hour drive there from here. If you
can’t find anything closer, might want to consider Las Cruces,
Deming, Lordsburg–check the southern NM map–Will you be
driving? And where are you coming in from? If you want to
contact me off-line, it’s <@bootsie>; will help you in
any way I can, including–if you’re not driving–a ride from
somewhere in this area to/from Tucson? Let me know. Sharon Holt

Rebecca: I just made my reservations yesterday at the Super 8
motel 1990 S. Craycroft Rd. downtown Tucson. ph. (520)-790-6021.
They tell me it’s only 15 to 20 min. from the show and they said
they have 9 rooms left at that time. If you don’t need a workout
gym or room service, this should do the job. rates for a single
are $71.89 per nite with the VIP discount. Check it out NOW!

Good luck;

Steve Klepinger

Steve - Thanks a lot! The only reservations my broker could find
were for U$145 a night. Now I can eat all the burittos my heart
desires! I’ll be in the Super * from the 31st thriugh the 3rd. If
you see a gaseous tall runner type…that’ll be me. I owe you a
beer (or soda) by the way. Kim

After many years of dreaming, last year (1998) I finally made my
first trip to the February Tucson show,

I will never miss another one. By the far the best all-around
gem, lapidary and jewelry show I have ever been to, in alomost
30 years in the hobby.

Now, I plan my yearly vacation at that time - I work Christmas
and New Year’s week, so I have the time to go.

Mark Zirinsky, Denver, Colorado

Mark, I attend every year and I agree. The GIA classes and the
free Seminars are great. Plus…what is available is
overwhelming. A must is Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion at the
Hilton. See you all there,

Pat Wood, Lakewood, Colorado

Dear Rebecca & all: I e-mailed the Tucson Chamber of Commerce and
was told most all hotels, including the privately run ones are
full. BTW…They’re unaware of any who rent at the $30.00/nite
rate you quoted. Things are too busy right now.

Best to all;

Steve Klepinger
K. Stevens Mfg.

Thank you Steve K.for the lead on the motel–Super 8. I made
reservations for the 9 & 10th and got the AAA discount. I hope
to see you there along with many other Orchid memebers.

I like the Orchid identifier—How about a metallic gold ribbon
on the badge?

Can’t wait to taste every treasure in Tuscon!!!