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[99] Tucson Gem Show

Howdy, my husband came up with a great idea!! Why doesn’t
everyone who is going to the Tucson shows wear a little sticker
or something next to their name badge denoting that they belong
to orchid? Then, when your head is not burried in the goodies,
we can meet each other face to face. Then we can exchange pickle
recipes or something. Sound Kosher?

We may not be able to attend unless we hear from Ed McMann, but
you guys can yak it up…and bring us back one of those $10

God Bless,
Tom and the other Donna

Tom & Donna:

What a great idea! I’ll let you pick the symbol to indicate an
Orchid member. I was just about to suggest something along these
lines myself. How about it out there?

Steve Klepinger

In this same thread–though it’s too late by far for '99–why
don’t we Orchid members plan to meet, get together, have an event
(lunch, dinner, or something) at the Y2K shows in Tucson? Would
anyone else enjoy something like that? Sharon Holt


Count me in! Unfortunately, I’ve never been to the show and
don’t know which location would be best. At least we should all
agree upon a symbol (perhaps an orchid?) to display on say our
AGTA badges to identify ourselves to others and something
spontainious could result.


Steve, My first thought when you said that we could come up with
the symbol for the orchid members to wear at the Tuscon shows,
was one of those plastic flowers you wear as a boutineer, but
secretly attached to the back side is a long slender tube and
squeeze thingee that squirts water! Please, don’t leave it up to
us! Let’ s leave the mascott business to the founder of
Orchid… Maybe Orchid can e-mail all members a picture
or something, that we could print and wear…

God Bless,
the other Donna ( oh, and Tom, I guess…)

The orchid badge sounds good, but we tried it last year and the
idea kinda fizzled before the show. I’m up for any ideas! I’d
like to meet you all. I’ll be there from the 3rd through the 7th!
Wendy Newman