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[99] [Orchid ID] [Digest] Tucson ShowFrom: “David D. Arens” gemstonesetc@gci-net.com

Hi Gang, It’s really not too late to put together a
A number of “Orchidians” (is that a word?) got together 2 years
ago for dinner. It was an enjoyable evening, there were about 20
of us. We met at the Holiday Inn downtown. If I remember
correctly, the we ordered from the menu, the restaurant added a
15% gratuity to each check. There was a cash bar.
If you’d like to pick a date & offer some meal suggestions, I’d
be willing to see what is available for a location. There are
several places that could accommodate us. The shows run from Jan.
30 through Feb. 14.
If you’re interested, reply to this msg. with your name & the
dates you’ll be at the show & any suggestions by Jan. 28. I’d
suggest a 6:00 PM meal time. I’ll compile a list of attendee’s &
try to find a suitable location. If you have any dietary
restrictions please include them.
For an Orchid ‘ID’, how about just adding a Orchid colored
ribbon (one at least 1" (25 mm) wide & 2" (50 mm) long) to the
badge you happen to be warring that day. For you folks that
haven’t been to Tucson before, there are 20 some different shows,
each with it’s own badge. You’ll acquire a collection of badges
before you leave.

From: Pete Steiner troubadr@buffalo.edu

John, If you design the badge I’ll be happy to post it on my web
site! -Peter-

Peter B. Steiner, Buffalo, NY, USA (Northeast USA- Great Lakes
Region - Snowfall Capital of the Known Universe)

From: “McLaughlin, John” JMcLaughlin@supreme.sp.state.az.us

Tom & Donna: What a great idea! I’ll let you pick the symbol to
indicate an Orchid member. I was just about to suggest
something along these lines myself. How about it out there?
Best; Steve Klepinger

From: “St. Eligius & Co.” eligiu@slip.net

Fellow metalsmiths - in the hopes of stirring up a gathering of
tool using orchidites i suggest the following: 1. Wearing an
Orchid insignia. A Happy Face . That’ll give the dealers
incentive. A ‘Do Not Enter’ sign. (barred circle) 2. Early morning
breakfast where we can exchange discoverys and pool resources in
our various searches. You can’t imagine how huge that show is.
I’ve spent a week there and not seen it all. 3. A dinner
gathering at one of the restraunts downtown. Afterwards we can
retire to one of the many evening gallery exhibitions or partys.
4. An early morning run/jog somewhere. The Sabrine Canyon north
of town is a beautiful destination for hikers and runners. Clears
the head and lungs before the air-conditioned smoke filled rooms
of the show. Anyone interested? I’ll be there from the 5th to the
9th. Kim-Eric Lilot

From: “Linda Moughemer” moughemerl@crcs.k12.ny.us

John Great idea! I like the cymbidum orchids too. If you do this
and it can’t(for whatever reason) go through the forum maybe we
could e-mail you for the image? Anyone who lacks a printer could
make arrangements to have someone else print it out or perhaps
save it on disc and take it to one of those copy places. Thanks
for taking the initiative. Linda M

From: “Mark Zirinsky PEMED.commarkz@pemed.com

Since we don’t have time for design reviews, why don’t we each
print up, on our printers, the word “Orchid” in 72 point type,
and attach it somewhere on our badges. Also, unless there is a
better time, would anyone like to meet for dinner/coffee
wherever, on either Wednesday Feb 3 or Thursday evening Feb 4,
restaurant TBD, topic of discussion: favorite computer tricks
to speed jewelry design?

From: Teresa Masters tam2819@home.com

John, Couldn’t think of anyone better, go for it. Perhaps someone
could design a tie tack Orchid and make it available to us all.
Come to think of it, I have a gold Orchid pin from Venezuela,
I’ll wear that. Teresa

From: Teresa Masters tam2819@home.com

Tucson Meeting Time and Place Last year several of us met at an
Internet impromptu meeting set up by Bob Keller. We are going to
meet again this year Tuesday February 9th at 7PM in the Lounge at
the Executive Inn. Please join us. It was great fun to put names
and faces together. Teresa

From: Pam East pam@mindless.com

Well I took the plunge and will be attending the Tucson show for
the first time. I lucked out. My parents travel in a motorhome
full time and will be in the area. They got camping reservations
close by and will be putting me up while I’m there. I even got
a decent airfare to fly in. I’ll be there from the 5 through the
8th. I’m mostly just going to the bead shows.
Any tips or advice from experts?

From: “RYR” ryr@interport.net

This is such a great idea that I immediately started arranging
family, work, etc. schedules so I could be there next year. I
emailed the Gem Show asking for next years dates and lo, they
even had time to answer asap. It’s Feb 10 - 13th, by the way.

I’m not yet, maybe never, in a league to try to show, but I’m an
avid beginning wirewrapper and have been following Orchid now for
six months, since I discovered youall – and it would be bliss to
see your work. Also I’ll be that prized visitor: a buyer…

Having never been to Tucson I can’t help w. ideas for organizing
or placing an Orchid meeting, if that should come to pass; but
if there is a need for something to be written or edited or such
I’m up for it as that’s my ‘other’ life. Cheers— Ryr

From: Joan Dulla joan963@home.com

I vote for the gold ribbon, everyone can get it quickly and
easily… If you want to do something different… better get on
it… Quartzsite in up and running and the Gem Show in Tucson will
be here before you know it. I agree with Wendy, last year
fizzled. I think it is because we are all so ingrossed in what
we are seeing in stones and tools, That no one thinks to look at
name tags… Hope to bump into some of you. I live an hour away,
and visit Tucson two or three times during the show. It is
mindboggling.! Joan

From: “Wendy Newman” wendy@goldgraphix.com

I’ll probably make some return address tags on my computer with
“ORCHID” in big block letters to stick on my badges. Y’all look
for me, I’ll probably be at an opal table somewhere! Wendy Newman

From: “Susan Sarantos” auag@efortress.com

How about contacting AGTA,GLDA, etc. and asking them to post a
signboard/message board for the orchid group at the front
registration area of their shows? As for a pin idea how about
just typing “ORCHID” and wearing that or get cryptic and wear
“ask me about the big O” Hah Susan Sarantos auag@efortress.com

From: “John S. Burton” jsburton@ucla.edu

Hi everyone - I just made a reservation yesterday at one of the
small motels, the Redwood Lodge I believe, for $43 per night.
Look up Tuscon AZ Motels on Alta Vista and pick out “The Yellow
Pages” and you will get all the motels, large and small, and
start calling. Good Luck Jack Burton

Orchid Digest Post:
[99] [Orchid ID] [Digest] Tucson ShowFrom: Teresa Masters tam2819@home.com

Morning All, It appears to me, we best aim for two dates, one
earlier and one a bit later based on the span of the shows and
peoples responses up to now.

David, since you are local, perhaps you can coordinate a couple
of gatherings. Those of us who are free to roam about the various
venues can gather where ever when ever. We must remember that
many of the online personages are dealers and will be busy
manning their booths and/or rooms as the situation might be. Last
year for Bob Kellers gathering some dealers right in the
Executive Suites had customers, and could not shut down to join.

I wonder if as suggested a very early breakfast, perhaps one of
the motels could designate their lounge normally closed at that
time for a Continental Breakfast?

This Digest was wonderful, thank you Hanuman. Teresa

From: “Sharon F "bootserambl" Holt” bootsie@netmdc.com

Hi Pete–count me in! I’ll go along with any date the others
select, since it’s only a 5-6 hour drive over to Tucson for me
and I can make any day. Would love to have dinner with y’all (my
southern roots showing) and am willing to do the driving! Sharon
Holt bootsie@netmdc.com

From: “Kelvin Mok” klmok@tunnel.cal.shaw.wave.ca

This looks like a suitable project for novice jewelers just
starting out in his/her career to design and make just such a
badge to sell to Orchid newsgroup subscribers. Great way to
publicise oneself and the jewelers’ craft world over in more
ways than one and make some money too.

If the idea flies each year a new design from a new beginning
jeweler could be chosen (design competition?). Gold, silver and
bronze badges marketed for the best three designs; start a
collector’s series and a fad to wear the collection at shows,

Kelvin Mok (klmok@shaw.wave.ca)

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