923 mark?

What does the mark, 923 on gold mean? Is it 23% or 92.3% gold?

Thanks, Margie

High Karat gold hallmark

One of the easiest ways to relate the “number” stamps in gold
jewelry to the “karat” stamps is to divide the karat by 24. 24k is
pure gold and other karats contain less pure gold in the
metalrecipe. The numbers used instead of a “k” or “kt” represent a
percent or “parts per thousand” of pure gold in the mix. For
instance, 18k is also the same as 18/24 or 0.750.The numerical stamp
for gold quality for 18k is thus 750.

confusing since exact 14k is actually 14/24 or 0.583. You will
sometimessee the 583 mark but most 14k carat gold is actually 585
and is marked 585. The actual karat of 585 is o.585 x 24 or 14.o4kt
! Strange, but this is how it is.

The mark for 22 karat would be 22/24 or 0.916, the numerical mark
being 916.

If the mark in the necklace you purchased is correct, then the item
is indeed 22kt.

Higher karat gold will often be seen from Thailand and Middle
Eastern countries. In areas where “gold” is often considered a
valuableasset and hedge against hard times, high karat gold is

Sterling Silver is marked numerically with 925. Platinum is marked
simply Plat or PT if 95% or more platinum; if less than 95%,then a
percent mark isincluded such as PT 900 or perhaps 10% Irid Plat,
showing the item is 10% of a metal called iridium and the rest is

Or is 925? Then it would be sterling gold plated

Thank you so much for the It was something I saw
online. The seller stated that the item was gold filled, then said
it was marked 923. I found this confusing. I think the seller is
confused as well.


Yes if they think it is filled then they are indeed confused in the
wallet OUCH kind of category Teri

No, the seller is charging as if 22K!