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7 Day Bracelet

I’ve just gotten an email from a potential customer asking about a “7
Day Bracelet”, which he says consists of seven thin bracelets linked
together, I guess to symbolize the days of the week. He wasn’t clear
on where he’d found a reference to it, but he’s sure that it is a real

I’ve never heard of one, and though I could probably cobble something
up that would fit that definition, if he meets my price for it, I’m
very curious what the “genuine article” might be.

Loren @Loren_S_Damewood1

Yes, there is something called the seven day bracelet. Usually seven
bracelets and these come with a clip to hold them together. Usually
sold in silver & use to very popular in the seventies. These bracelets
are very common in India it is actually a custom for the young brides
to have an arm full of these that they get from relatives (mother’s
side). You should be able to get a sample or a picture from the
importers of silver jewelry from India, Thailand or Indonesia.