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50th Anniversary Stone?


Hello Lorri The 50th anniversary is called the golden jubilee.
Generally it is Yellow Gold and a Yellow stone, usually Imperial
Topaz or Yellow Sapphire.

I had a great Aunt and Uncle that made it to their 76th a few years
ago, before my uncle died.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady)
K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.


Karen, Lori et al, I have been watching the Brazilian version of eBay
( ) and if you speak or read any of the
romantic languages Portuguese is pretty easy to read, if not there is
also ( ) to do translations for you.
They have some excellent deals on cut stones, including real true
Imperial Topaz in various shades that look to me to be untreated
(often in matched sets) The U.S. $ to the Br R$ is very good and you
can set up payments through PayPal (I think, 'cause I haven’t done it
yet). The cut stones are mind boggling, beautiful and with PayPal
you can pay a little extra for a money back guarantee. Happy Hunting,
Rick Carew AZopals @r_carew