5 Wax and stones questions

Okay i’ve been off Ganoksin for a good while Hello everyone i hope
all of you are well.

5 Questions: (please & thank you in advance)

so you created a wax master & set a stone in it.

Question #1: (What color wax do you use to create the piece & set
the stone what combinations of waxes for the body of the piece what
color/kind of wax that holds the gemstone & whye?)

Assuming the stone is a LAB created stone - without too many

Question #2: Can you ever use a NATURALLY DERIVED gem stone to pour
metal intoe? & whyee) now to place the wax with gemstone - into a
mold with stem & branches, mixing the casting medium displacing the
air pockets after pouring it into the flask etc.,

Question #3: Did I miss a few steps here. I am i correct in my

So prior to the centrifuge spinning molten metal into the flask —
I assume — DO NOT MELT THE WAX out of the flask with a KILN OVEN.
Okay waxmaster copies solidly inside the casting medium not melted
out sitting inside de-oxygenated plaster with a gemstone set upon
it, Here’s the thing.

Question #4 How the hell do you protect the stone from all that hot
metal?ee, Question # 4 - part A – Do you use – “White Out” on the

Question #4 - part B — do you use JEWELERS “THERMO GEL” COOL HEAT
BARRIER that aqua greyish paste made in England it’s expensive or do
you use “KARAT” COOL PASTE to protect the gem stoneee

With crucible centrifuge casting i am so curious how a person can
skip all the steps for setting stones the usual way – after the
metal is cast & polished – Doing it by setting gems in wax
without the gemstone EXPLODING INTO A BILLION PIECES i know you
can’t set a Tanzanite, or Citrine, Amethyst, Opal, Chalcedony, Jade
& Beryls anything in the hardness scale of5 and below.

thanks for answering my questions.


Sabra- The only stones that can be cast in place with out risk are
diamonds and synthetics. No heat shield on the stones. Just cast in
place. I’d recommend that you take the time to learn how to set
stones. No limitations as to what stones you can use.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry

Jo Haemer