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5 New essays for August!

Next week is a holiday for my ‘silver-demo’ caster, I’m preparing a whole slew of essays, it seems to me that my “retirement years” haven’t arrived yet…:>)

One of the essays is how to set a Marquise stone with a claw configuration like this **< : : >**. Everyone is letting me know that they approve & enjoy my multitude of photographs, well that’s my only way of explaining the important techniques. We have our own holiday coming this Monday, “July 1st, Canada Day” it’s the day of celebrating of being an independent country, yes I will still be writing…:>)

BTW, the total views on “our blog” is now at 24,645 and going to only 49 countries.

***Gerry Lewy ***

Hi Gerry,
In my part of Toronto, Canada Day was last month. Down here (at Yonge and Eg)

we’re celebrating Aug 5 civic holiday. Just sayin’ :wink:


I know I made a mistake in the wrong month…LOL!

The “Canada Day-July 1st” holiday was accurate. But now that we’re into August, we still have another long weekend on the first Monday of every Summer month we have a day off. This helps me to prepare more essays for you!..:>)

(Sorry for the confusion, just a little senile moment…LOL)