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[4Sale] Vulcanizer setup for trade

i have a vulcanizer, a couple of boxes of rubber, some aluminum
plates, a few aluminum mold frames, spru rods with nipples, and a
wax melting pot/ wax injector. all of which are working. I used them
when i had my own studio business, but now that i am a home based
hobbyist, i am just going to out source all of my mold making.

In return i am looking for a rolling mill, with a combo that
includes several sizes of square wire notches and a flat area for
sheet metal. If there is no one that wants to do a straight trade i
can throw some money in as well, or i could take money if someone
wants to buy it, and use it towards the purchase of a rolling mill.

If you are interested, just email me at parrymetaldesigns at, and i can send photos and more details, if i get multiple
offers i will take the best one. thank you!

-Travis Parry
-Parry Metal Designs