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[4Sale] Visual Mill 5.0

Visual Mill is a CAM program to create the code to drive a milling
machine to cut a model from a 3-D CAD file. It works great with
Rhino, Matrix, Jewelspace, and any other CAD program that can create
a 3D file. So this it a chance of a life time to get this high end
and do your own wax carving on a milling machine.

I have a single seat full version (not the cut down basic or basic
plus) of Visual Mill 5.0 ( for sale. This is the
software, manual, and parallel port hardware lock. I have checked
with Mecsoft and this license can be legally transferred to another
party for a $50 fee. This is a tremendous piece of software that does
both 3-D and 2-1/2D cam work. List price on this package is $4000.00.
I am looking for $2850 for this full version and I will pay for the
shipping to any USA destination and for the transfer fee.

The only reason I am selling this copy is that I have another legal
copy with hardware lock that I am keeping. While I originally had
plans that required 2 full copies it ends up that one serves my needs
so I an hoping to get some of my investment out of the other. If
$1150 off list (almost 30% off) is not enough I will consider offer,
but the first $2850 get it with no second chance to any lower offers
to counter.

If interested contact me off list at

A2Z Metalsmith Supply Inc 
5151 S Federal Blvd Unit I-9 
Littleton CO 80123 
720 283-7200 Phone 
720 385-2118 Fax 

Special discounts on Sherline on orders over $600 list. Taig 2019CR
mills usually in stock and always at discount.