[4Sale] Vintage cameos

I inherited a quantity of very high quality Individually Hand
Sculpted Vintage Italian cameos.

They are not the usual orange/cream carnelian shell commonly seen.

These are unusual: They are done on mother of pearl shell and the
cuttings caused light to refract as in gemstone cutting.

The Sculptings are pearl colored. The Background is the Color of
black pearl.

The stones are Extremely light reflective, And very detailed; The
individual strands of hair, the individual jewels in the models’
jewelry, the folds in the drapes of the garment necklines, the
noses, are very defined.

They are very three dimentional, (Sculptings APPEAR carved into a
pearl itself.) And in Mint condition.

They are all the Classic profiles of different female models, and
all 25x18mm. (Height of a Quarter.)

They are unmounted, and can be incorporated into a designer’s line.

They were my Dad’s, whom I loved dearly. Seeing them in quality
creative settings, for me, is like a tribute to him. So, I have been
showing to the best designers.

I can e-mail photos.

Please let me know your thoughts.
Phone:(310) 770-7050