[4Sale] Victor torch

Hi all, I have just listed an unused Victor welding and cutting torch
(includes hoses, striker and goggles). I had bought
this a couple of years ago when I needed some regulators for my
Little Torch set-up. My local welding shop was having a promotional
sale for this kit. I ended up using the regulators out of the kit. I
though I might use the welding and cutting attachment sometime later
but they never made it out of the box. So if anyone is interested, I
would love for someone to be using this equipment. What you get:

  • a Victor welding handle marked model WH26FC
  • Victor cutting attachment marked model CA25
  • Victor welding nozzle marked with an 0
  • some oxygen and acetylene hoses (not exactly sure how long they
    are. I have not undone them to measure, but the hoses are likely 15ft
  • A striker
  • and some welding goggles.

Everything except the regulators.
Might make a nice Christmas gift for someone!

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Victor torches are a standard. They don’t wear out.

Parts and repair will make them last as long as you do. Too big for
jewelry scale work, but for art metal work they are top of my list.

On the home front

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a few people in the trade . Working on building & finishing my Studio
as well.

I have been treated well for the most part. Told to come back when
business is better at times. Other times told I could have a little
repair work.

Shown by facial expression that I was taken seriously. I needed that.

I have gotten a business permit and state registration. I have plans
if my jewelry business fails to thrive thoug . Being a “Texas Bidness
Man”, I may become a politician < GRIN >

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