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[4Sale] Used tools

I have inexpensive flex shafts, wax pens, buffs, etc. Please contact
me at above email for specifics.



Got a few other tools to sell. Moving out of state & need to get rid
of stuff. Have other stuff that is too large to ship easily, but if
you need something, email me.

Stamp set with 80 stamps in wooden block | Oven, approx 1 year old |
Graver Max | Raytech CMF 1200 Centrifigual magnetic finisher | Muslin
buffs | Flasks different sizes, solid and perforated | Flex Shaft |
Vice | Ultrasonic | CTR molds | Draw Bell Jar & rubber pad for vacuum
table (I think it is about 15" jar) | spru wax 3/8" x 24, 1/4" x 24,
1/2" x 24 | Media sifter | Ceramic media | Whole lot of display items.
Mostly white, some barely used, some OK an d still usable, some sort
of ugly. Some have wood trim, some green tri m, etc. There are 3-4
large totes full.

Thats it for now.

Another post to let you know we are about to move & need stuff gone,
especially the big stuff, just don’t have room. Please make offer.

Satelite casting Oven, approx 1 year old, Graver Max, Raytech CMF 1200
Centrifigual magnetic finisher, Muslin buffs, Flasks different sizes,
solid and perforated, Vice, CTR molds, Draw Bell Jar & rubber pad for
vacuum table (I think it is about 15" jar), spru wax 3/8" x 24, 1/4"
x 24, 1/2" x 24, Media sifter, Ceramic media.

Whole lot of display items. Mostly white, some barely used, some OK
and still usable, some sort of ugly. There are 3 boxes & 3 totes
full. Please don’t ask for photos, there is just too much.


As I approach my 90th birthday I am thinking of retiring, not
completely, but enough to slow down. After more than 40 years of
rockhounding, lapidary amd jewelry making I have tons of " stuff".
Have started divesting but still have a 24 inch saw, 5 gallon
ultrasonic cleaner, a couple of small vibrolaps that I put aside when
I got a 36 incher, prime rough, sold about 4 tons so far, hundreds of
cabs and facetted stones and hundreds of finished pieces. If anyone
is interested, I live about 30 miles north of San Francisco.

Irv B

Friedrich Dick Swiss Hand Files with Handles $30.00 each

Narrow Pillar 2 cut, Narrow Pillar 4 cut, Pillar 2 cut, Flat 1 cut, Half
Round 1 cut, Round 4 cut, Round Bastard, Triangle 2 cut, Triangle 2 cut,
Square 2 cut,

Assortment of needle files. $20.00 for all
Opitvisor #4 2x, working distant 10 inches. $20.00
Curcible with Handle Used for 18k gold $5.00
Bracelet Mandrel $25.00
Petite Ingot Mold forms sheet, approx. 12ga 1.5x1, 1.5x.5 1.5 x.25
Reversible Ingot Mold, sheet 76mm h x 46 mm w x 3.3 mm thick. $
Large Ingot Mold, 3"x4"
Yellow Extra Fine Cut Plastic Media, removed very fine scratches in
tumbler, new, 5 lbs, 9/16 cone. $10.00
Bobbing Compound $1.00
Yellow Ochre Powder $5.00
Pyrometer $50.00

Contact offline

We have changed out some of our techniques and tools and have
several tools to sell.


Tools for sale:

Anvil (cast iron with welded steel top; I had the top machined
smooth) $60. Dapping set (24 ranging from 7/64ths to 1") $50.
Hammers (Peddinghaus) $25 each. Hard rock maple forms for making
tubes, bracelets and other shapes $50. Steel letter and number stamps
(3mm) $25. Draw plate and german-made tongs $35. If you’ve questions,
you can e-mail me at [lj at wfoxstudio dot com]. I have images of all
the tools I can send you. I get a very good rate from FedEx and would
charge only my shipping cost.

LauraJo Smole

Hello all,

A friend / Metalsmith contacted me recently as she is moving and
looking to sell some equipment, I don’t need it but I thought I would
post it here.

Here is what she said,

“I’m trying to sell my brand-new/never used casting equipment. I
bought the Deluxe Vacuum Casting kit from Gesswein (includes a vacuum
caster, kiln, wax injector, mold maker and all of the related
equipment necessary for casting) a few years ago, but then couldn’t
find the time to really get into using it. I don’t know if you are
interested in any of this equipment, or if you know of anyone who
might be. I’m selling it at a big discount. Obviously, if I can sell
it to someone in the Milwaukee area, that would be preferable since
shipping would be very expensive. I can send you a list of all of
the equipment if you are at all interested.”

If anyone is interested let me know and I will put you in touch with

John Dyer

Lots of Jewelers tools for sale/showcases & folks looking to buy
things from you

Every month I post for other jewelers items that they either have to
sell or want to buy.

Below is a listing of whats available and what people are looking


Please go to my site and open the “April 2012” pdf file and contact
those jewelers directly:

David Geller