[4Sale] Used Show Cases

hello, everybody.

i have three show cases for sale, am selling because of some
financial hiccups. they are suitable for doing shows.

if interested, please email me off list - @Susannah_Garcia

thank you,

Hello Everybody,

This is to respond to all the folks who replied to my e-mail. I’m
sorry to reply on list, but some emails I’d received were lost. I
apologize for the delay in responding to everyone’s enquiries.

These cases are suitable for doing art-craft shows, for trunk shows,
for lending out to galleries. All are table-top style cases.

Case descriptions are these:

two large cases, one collapsible, one not.

The case that comes apart is mostly glass, with a wood-frame bottom
with a light grey pad, and a wood-frame top with a glass center. I’m
selling it as-is: there is a piece of the wooden molding missing
from the top, and one of the pieces of glass that encloses the back
is missing, and these were missing when I bought it. basically, I
just left the back off completely, and covered the top with fabric.
The measurments are: 26 1/2" high, 28 1/4" wide, 13 1/8" deep. It
has glass shelves connected with metal brackets. $100

The non-collapsible case is framed completely in wood, with a back
that closes, and has a glass shelf. Very sturdy with a glass top,
the bottom is also glass. The measurements are: 36 3/8" wide at the
actual case part, the wooden moulding extends to 38 1/4" wide; 13
1/2" high; 12 1/2" deep at the actual case part, the wooden moulding
extends to 14 1/2" deep. $200

one small case, would look nice next to a register. It has a door
with a lock, three glass shelves, a glass top, and a white padded
base. The measurements are: 24" high, 10 7/8" wide, and 10" deep.

I live in San Antonio; will have to get back to you guys on shipping
info/costs - I’m able to ship things very inexpensively, but will
have to ask my “guru” what the costs will run.

I bought these cases used, I have taken care of them. I was going to
do shows, and ended up having children instead.

If folks are interested, please email me -again
<@Susannah_Garcia>, let’s try to keep it off list; and i will
happily mail photos to anyone interested. (Sorry! No digital yet!)

Thank you,