[4Sale] Used laser welder

I’m trying to help a jeweler near me, a previous client who’s had a
severe stroke a year ago. After lots of therapy he’s just starting to
come around.

He has a Rofin Model # SWT 5002 Laser Welder, Performance Model,
bought in 2002, low usage, for sale. It is the one with the

Asking $10,500.00, you pay shipping and packing.

It’s in his basement of his home (had a trade shop). He is
physically unable to package it up.

If you buy it you’d have to probably

  1. Get a moving company to box it up.
  2. Contact Rofin and ask what has to be done to it to move it, and/or
  3. Drive to Atlanta and get it yourself.

He told me “Rofin Model # SWT 5002 Laser Welder, Performance Mode”
and it was the LARGE model bought from Stuller, which makes this an
excellent price.

I asked him if he had other tools, most have been sold off, but he
does have:

  1. A Magnetic Tumbler
  2. Reycraft centrifugal casting machine
  3. Procraft Bell jar vacuum machine

Contact by cell phone only, you may need to leave a message


David Geller