[4Sale] Used L&R aqua torch

My husband has been gone for 8 years now and I still haven’t used the
thing, so it’s time to find a new home. It’s missing the torch hose &
tips (inexpensively replaced at Otto Frei) and has some exterior rust
& pitting. Barely used asking $1200. Mobile, AL / Pensacola, FL area,
would rather not have to ship if possible. Thanks

I do have some experience with industrial hydrogen generation and
have seen several used jewelry scale pieces of equipment for sale.
None of this stuff was in a condition acceptable for use sometimes-
some not even be recoverable. I have never seen any where $100 was

some might buy it —but $1200 ???


As I stated privately Otto Frei has a newer version for $1500 I’m
just trying to let a good piece of equipment be used by someone who
needs it rather than let it fall apart in storage. New models go for
MUCH more.