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[4Sale] Used Equipment

Hello out there!

We’re moving our studio and focusing on design. We have some very
rugged used equipment for sale including a burnout oven, Harris
heavy duty tourch, casting equipment, a Bonnie Doon hydrolic press,
an amazing exhaust/air purification system and lots more!

These tools have served me well and its time to move them on to
serve another. Please contact me so I can send you more detailed
info. We are located in Philadelphia, and are moving within the
month so contact me soon!

Hello, everyone.

This is my first post to an Orchid forum and I hope this is an
appropriate place for this message. I have a set of lost-wax jewelry
equipment for sale and I’m trying to reach a market that needs it.
Most of the larger equipment was bought new and hardly used, four or
five times, while some of the hand tools are older, but still in
good condition. I have a wax ejector and pellets, deluxe vulcanizer
with manual and rubber supply, aluminum mold cases, ceramic furnace,
manual centrifugal caster, oxygen/propane tanks and torch set w/
regulator and tips, vacuum casting machine with pump, rolling mill,
electric stamper, wax sprues, carbide bits, hammers, tongs, aprons,
molds, wax worker and gun, wax tubes and blocks, and miscellaneous
other tools and supplies (sizers, leather cases, ceramic melting
dishes, etc.). I have manufacturer/retailer and receipts
for most of the newer equipment.

I financed this business venture for someone who turned out to be
less than ambitious, and I’d like to get a bit of my investment
back. I paid over $8k and would like to sell for $5k, but will
consider a reasonable offer. I am also willing to meet a serious
buyer if shipping cannot be arranged- I live in southwestern Wyoming
and could drive three or four hundred miles.

Please email me for photos and more details if you are interested.
Thank you for your time.


Equipment for sale in Oxnard, CA

$3800. takes it all
Otto Frei workbench
buffing wheels and filter set up
holder for oxy/acet. tanks
ultrasonic cleaner
GRS system minus engraving block.
files, pliers, setting burs and all sorts of other stuff

Contact: Jennifer Friedman

I have access to it, but not mine

I have a complete set of very lightly used lost-wax process jewelry
equipment for sale. Top brands, lots of miscellaneous supplies.
$3,500 for: Grobet wax injector with compressor and pellets; A.T.M.
deluxe vulcanizer with instructions, aluminum mold cases, and Kool
Green rubber strips; Satellite ceramic furnace (oven/kiln); Neycraft
centrifugal caster; oxygen/propane tanks with Meco regulators and
Smith mini torch set w/ regulator and tips, Pro-Craft vacuum casting
machine with pump and motor; bench grinder with jewelry buffers and
compounds; electric stamper (cleanly stamps 10, 12, 14, and 18 karats
and.925 silver); many miscellaneous items including wax sprues,
carbide bits, hammers, tongs, industrial aprons, many wax molds and
wax forms, Pro-Craft wax want and Matt wax gun, wax tubes and blocks,
electric digital calipers and mini brass calibers, beautiful loose
synthetic gems and alloy metals, melting dish and tongs, lots of
other tools and supplies including industry books, sizers, manuals,
and imitation leather display attache. Everything you need to start
or a great deal on backup/replacement supplies- buying everything
separately would cost over $8,000 to purchase new. Sorry, I can’t
entertain offers for individual items- the whole collection has to
go. Will discuss transport or shipping with serious buyer. Reply to
this e-mail address. I can provide photos of all items. Thank you.

Equipment for sale — excellent condition — southern colorado:

Programmable Paragon oven—$1200 ($2025 New)
Vac-U-Vest 5-25 investment mix & pour unit—$4700 ($9795 New)
Jewelers bench—$95 ($295 New)
Vulcanizer, molds, gloves, etc. $300 ($600 New)

Contact Kathleen at @ktco, or call 719 406 6279 (cell) or
719 489 2980 (home)

Greetings All,

I am selling-off two pieces of equipment I picked up a while back
and just haven’t had the time to really use.

  1. Neycraft Spincaster- Purchased new ($645) and used only once
    (moved shortly after and just don’t have room for it in the new
    shop). It is in great condition, but has one very minor cosemtic dent
    in the side. $500 + shipping.

  2. ABI Tack II Welder- Purchased new w/ granulation pump attachment
    ($1380) and used only about 5 times (decided to graduate to a laser
    welder instead). This is in pretty much perfect shape. $950 +

I can provide pictures with multiple views of the items for those
interested. Please feel free to email or call with any questions.

Erich C. Shoemaker
Erich Christopher Designs, LLC

Interested. But just notice is old. Incase in it still on the market. FYI I live in norther Colorado.

Thank you, Joe