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[4Sale] Used equipment

I am selling some used equipment. I live in the central area of
Virginia, USA. Most of the items are for local pick up only as I am
not willing to ship them. One of the items is a Rio Vic 9 vacuum
casting machine with the Rio casting assistant crucible attached. I
have used this machine four times. Please contact me off list and I
can email detailed to you.

Cathy Wheless

Used equip for sale that i no longer use. One Kerr centrifico
standard machine, one cress large burnout kiln. Various other items.
Priced to move. Will ship.

thanks, Zane Purcell

I recently bought a shop full of used equipment and these are the
things that I have duplicates of or no room for. I thought I would
offer them to the orchid folks at a lower price before I tried
selling them on ebay or to the local jewelry stores here. You can
contact me off line for more All prices are with
purchaser paying shipping. Even with shipping cost (which you would
have to pay anyway) they are priced to be affordable. Hope you find
something here you want or need. Frank Goss

1._ _Paragon brand burnout furnace model e14a (similar to
Gesswein item 265-1449) 240 volt 13 amp single phase max temp 2000 F

includes stainless drip tray and analog pyrometer This kiln looks
brand new inside. The stainless drip tray (included) is not even
oxidized. I don’t think this kiln was ever fired up. Plugs in a 220
outlet like a electric clothes dryer. It has some surface rust on the
counter balance to open the door. This is a Paragon kiln folks
Price New over $750 yours for only $300 plus shipping

2.Swest Vac-U-Cast model 080 with dome and pads New over $600 yours
for only $250.00 plus shipping I have turned this on and it pulls a
good vac. Has a little surface rust at the vac. control knob.

3.* Deluxe Basic Jewelers bench* (similar to otto frei 113.016
except for location of mandrel holes) 19 1/2D- 39"W-39" H deep
cutout with wide spaced arm rests Bench has had some use the top
still has a good shine on varnish except for some scratches. This is a
premium starter bench. new price $289.00 yours for only $125.00 plus

  1. Gesswein 4qt wax injector 110 volt 8 amp model 3990 Has drain
    spout, and pressure gage and thermometer injector is very clean and
    shows little wear. You will need an air compressor to go with this
    big boy. Pot has full load of injection wax ready to go I have used
    it to test it out it works great. new price $600.00 yours for only
    $275.00 plus shipping

  2. *wax working package *( this all goes together, a great package
    if you are doing a lot of wax work or just custom stuff)

A. Romanoff wax pen (similar to otto waxer 121.337) 3amp 110 volt has
3 tips new cost $130.00

B. Wax pot (similar to otto frei 121.272 but much older model no
bells or whistles just different cavities for different waxes) new
cost $85.50

C. Ring mandrel set for waxes ( similar to otto frei 121. 272) new
cast $130.00 total value new over $340.00 yours for $150.00plus

Total value of over $2579.00 worth of equipment for $1,100. Frank
Goss you can contact me at @frank_goss2 or cell 479-462-9072

I am located in Fort Smith Arkansas 72903 if you want to calculate
shipping costs.

Here we go again. These are the last two pieces I have so.

  1. Centrifugal casting machine with casting shield (similar to otto
    frei item 122.365) shipping wt approx. 25lb Lucas Giant casting
    machine model 650 it only has one flask cradle so you will have to
    make a couple for smaller flasks or order them, this is the 21" long
    caster not the short arm model and will handle large flasks with ease
    two sets of tongs, a couple of mixing bowls. spatula, and some
    flasks and sprue base, pair of insulated gloves… no crucibles you
    don’t want used crucibles anyway
    a new package cost of well over
    $600 yours for only $250.00 and shipping costs…

  2. vulcanizer Freidham tool supply label 110 volt 5.5 amp. ( similar
    to otto frei item 122.548) shipping wt approx 40 lb I have been using
    one exactly like this (they haven’t changed the design on these
    things for decades) for 20 years. I heated it up and it works fine…
    new cost $445.00 yours for only $200.00 I’ll add a partial box of
    castaldo pre cut gold rubber and a couple of mold frames.

These items are for sale as listed and I will accept money order or
personal check. I will ship the day a money order arrives personal
checks wait until they clear the bank…

Sales will be made in the order of response. If a deal does not
settle within 4 working days I will go to the next person on the
list… They will be shipped from 72903 zip code. You can email me if
you need more info at @frank_goss2

Hallo Orchidians ! I have few pieces for sale, wish to offer it here
first, items are in excellent condition, and prices are very

  1. Durston rolling mill D-2, 120mm, Ca$ 1300,
  2. Meiji stereo zum microscope (head only) Ca$ 1000.
  3. Elma ultrasonic 1,5 gal. Ca$ 450,

Items are in Toronto, i can deliver mill within reasonable distance!

Each Month I get a listing from Jewelers of items they have for sale
from their store.

Also received are people looking to BUY things for their store. On my
website are listed February’s Items for Sale; Items Wanted to Buy,
someone looking for a watch repair shop in Southern California and a
jeweler looking for employment in Georgia.

Below is a summary of what’s available. Please click on the link
below it to go to my website. At the bottom of the page are items for
sale from January as well as right below that the newest items for
February. These are in Adobe Reader format. You’ll need Adobe reader,
which almost everyone has, it opens up in a PDF file format.

document, not me.

Hope you’re having a good month.

David Geller

I have a Reliable Corp model i500A STEAM CLEANER that I purchased from Contenti in 2007 for
$499.00 I am very happy with it AND the Reliable Corp’s customer

An unrealized bonus with this steam cleaner is it’s design. It is
not treated as a boiler, therefor it is not subject to having to be
inspected. Somewhat portable as well.

It is available for $499.00 either through Contenti or from the
manufacturer, Reliable Corp, for the same

Each month I list for jewelers things they are looking to get rid of
in their store.

This month for sale:
Safes, Showcases, Telephone system, camera, light box, track lighting

Shop Items for sale:
Diamond cutting mill, Wax injector, Signature engraver, Complete
casting shop, Arc welder, electric soldering machine, Watch maker
lather & clearing machine

22 cts of diamonds, 18kt necklace

wanted to buy:
Safes, Gem microscope, Durantrans, Mark V Scope, Dazor Lamp

boys & Girls club needs playground equipment

trade shopservices: 3 Jeweler positions


Please do not contact me, I’m not the seller, just listing for folks
David Geller

Each month I list for the benefit of jewelers items they have for
sale and items people want to buy

PDF file below for items for this month, please CONTACT the store
directly, not me

ITEMS FOR SALE Laser Welder, Kiln, A TON of shop tools, Mark V Scope,
Dazor Lamp, Watch case openers, Master Color Daimond Set Zebra
printer, cash regsiter, earring displays, Tumbler/polishing
machine/vulcanizer, Small TL-30 safe, 27 Showcases, Lots more for sale,

ITEMS LOOKING TO BUY: Showcases, Power Hone Machine, Quatro Collect

POISTION AVAILBLE Jeweler in Colorado looking for trade work. Will
consider working for you and relocation.

David Geller

I am selling off some equipment I no longer need.

  1. Neycraft Spincaster - Purchased new $645 and used only once. I
    moved to a new shop and have no room to set up this unit. It is in
    great condition and has one small cosmetic dent in the side $400 +

  2. ABI Tack II Welder - Purchased new with granulation pump
    attachment ($1380.00). Used only about 5 times before I decided to
    upgrade to a laser welder. In near perfect shape! $750.00 + shipping.

I can provide pictures for those interested. Please feel free to
call or email with any questions. [ErichCDesigns at gmail dot com]

Erich C. Shoemaker


I have been away for quite a while as I had returned to work in the
corporate world. I did spend some time in Orchid a few years back and
learned a great deal. My tools, displays, books, and various other
items have been dormant for a while and I have decided to part with
some things. It is better they be used by someone. When I return to
being able to make things, I’ll go from there. Here are the items I

  1. Pepe Model 1276 polishing cabinet I bought from RioGrande. I have
    used it about 5 times. I paid 479.00 for it and it is in new
    condition. I think 250.00 is fair

  2. Abstracta model 1075-03 display cabinet with of the glass. I made
    suede covers for the bottom part of the inside of each cabinet space
    and wooden panels for all of the fronts. I also have about 20-35
    leather jewelry displays (necks and rolls). I can send a picture of
    the case all set up to give you a better idea of what it looks like.
    It’s basically “ready to go to a show”. I don’t know what the whole
    set up did cost. I used it about 6 times so it is in new condition.
    Abstracta charges a little over 500 for just the steel parts. I think
    400.00 for the entire set up is fair.

I live in Connecticut, so this would be most convenient for a New
Englander. I’m willing to travel a bit to deliver items to you or
meet you in between.

If interested, email me at [kim.starbard at gmail dot com]


July 1st 2012 Items for Sale and Wanted to Buy is ready now!

Every few months I compile a list of items people have for sale and
some “I want to buy”.

The list for July 1st 2012 is ready!

There’s a lot of goodies for sale and people who want to buy your
old cases/tools/scopes, etc.

Here’s a snapshot view of what’s in the listing FOR SALE:

Bench stuff, many shop items, Complete! Casting Setup, Computerized
"Signature" engraving machine, Engraving machine, Foredom flexshaft,
Gemstone rock saw, Gemvision Revo-A Mill, GIA Illuminator Ploariscope,
GIA refractometer, Jewelers bench items, Kagan roller ring sizer,
Label/tag printer, datamax, Memco Electric Caster, Model Master, Orion
pulse welder, Pearl clasp, Charms of Aloha, Polishing unit w/vacumn,
Roland Bench top mill, Safes, Sandblaster, Showcases, Spectrscope; GIA
specific gravity set, Steamers


Appraisal Stuff, Books on inclusions, Cad/Cam software, Cash register
wrap, Coloremeter, DiamondLite, Engraving machine, either kind, Facet
Scanner, Gemvision Imagedome, Laser welder, Master Diamond Set,
Microscope, Paragon Burn out Kiln, Propertion eye piece, refractometer,
Safe, Sandblaster, Sarin Machine, Scales, Shop tools, all types,
Showcases, Signature engraving machine

As usual do not contact me, don’t email me questions about the stuff.
Open the pdf file and contact the people directly.

So click on the link to my website below, scroll down and click on
the “Items For Sale July 1 2012” file and it will open up the pdf

Remember, contact the folks in the pdf file, not me.

David Geller

I am changing the direction of my business a bit. I’m selling
certain pieces of equipment. Please contact me for
pricing and pictures at karen_obrien19 AT yahoo. com. For Sale:
Allset master kit (no handpiece), fence guide, sander/planer, sanding
disc holders, milling and accessories, and adapter. (Milling assembly
lightly used, remaining assemblies are unused.) Potter hydraulic
press with 20 tonmini-jack (no guage), torque wrench, bracelet former
kit (anticlastic and synclastic), large upper platen, metal spacers
and 1 pancake die. (Used lightly.) Knew electric saw with light and
presser foot. I am the second owner. This will be at a large discount
from current prices. Set of bracelet/watch displays. Thanks, Karen

I have a few tools for sale

  1. Hermes motorized pantograph/engraver (no fonts)
  2. Hermes inside ring engraver with 4 fonts
  3. Vigor electro plating machine 25 amp (large)
  4. Emco? electro plating/forming machine
  5. Carver laboratory press (12 ton) Model C

please contact me offline for any on the above

Sam Brown
Bay area CA

Hello All jewelers, I am retired due to disability and have to sell
of some equipment because I am moving in a bit of a rush - on top of
having elbow reconstruction in the middle of it - so I have a large
burnout kiln, 220v, I have to measure, it is a Gesswein type 914 or
918 in good wokring order. it is a programable type. I had the
electrical board repaired by the mfg, thje small switch was damaged
and they repaired it by taking it out of the circuit. it works fine.
I also have a bunch of castingflasks and lots of hand tools. you can
reach me at [@cary_breeef] or 919 306 9495 the kiln in in
Raleigh NC. contact me for pictures and details. thanks

David Geller’s List of things jeweler have to sell and things people
want to buy

Bench Jewelers Wanted & One ready to be hired

Each month I send out a listing of jewelry cases/tools/equipment that
people have to sell or want to buy. Below is a quick look at what’s
offered this month along with some items people are looking to buy.
All of these are on subsequent pages.

Please do NOT contact me, contact the person named in this email. Do
not email me for any pricing or even “what’s for
dinner.” “I know nuthin!” I’m just the messenger.

To see the pdf file, go to

David Geller

Here are some things I am selling, I have pictures of everything,

(1) Uniweld oxygen regulator with Smith flashback arrestor, New,
never used, $75.00 Free shipping to Continental US

(1) Smith propane regulator with Smith flashback arrestor, New,
never used, $75.00 Free shipping to Continental US

(1) 12ft oxy/propane hose used, $25.00 Free shipping to Continental

(1) German blowpipe torch (Otto Frei part 114.910), with extra 6ft
of hose, New, never used, $95.00 Free shipping to Continental US

(1) Swiss made beading block (Otto Frei part 153.012) 100% PERFECT
condition, $45.00 Free shipping to Continental US

(1) Quatro Dust bags (6) for Standup (Otto Frei part 147.610C)
$35.00 Freeshipping to Continental US

(1) Small Torit vertical centrifugal casting machine $115.00 Free
shippingto Continental US

(1) Large Vertical centrifugal casting machine, comes with
attachment forboth large and small flasks, $275.00 Free shipping to
Continental US

(1) lot of sand paper (sold as a lot, I will not parcel) 180 grit-2
sheets, 220-7.5, 320-6, 400-4, 600-1, 1500-2, 1/0-33, 2/0-5, 3/0-43,
4/0-40. 143.5 sheets @.50/sheet= $71.75 Free shipping to Continental

First come, first serve. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Do you still have anything for sale?

Do you still have anything for sale?