[4Sale] Used equipment and materials


I stopped making jewelry last year. I have the follow supplies to
sell at half price of the current price. THey all are brand new in
good condition.

Rio Grande supplies at half price

3362110 polisher black wheel med or coarse pk 10-$4.00

338333 mtd brass brush pk 6 $5.00

33264110 blu polisher wheel-$2.50 have multiple packs

201-329 Alligator skin $4.00

332-812 radial bristle disc 1 micron 3/4"- pk 44-$19.00

338506 Heavy Stiff Natural Bristle Brush - Mounted $7.50 for
12–have multliple packs

33264310 silicone pollsher fine $2.50/10

stiff cup brush $5.00/12

345933 20 pc diamond bur set $50.00-one or two used a few times-the
others -never

The above prices reflect the 50% discount.

I have other supplies, as well as 18k stamp, 14k stamp, etc.

Let me know if interested.
carol reece