[4Sale] Used equimpent and tools

I purchased a number of jewelers tools, hoping to learn the trade.
Unfortunately, illness has left me unable to pursue this, so I must
now sell these unused tools.

My loss is your gain. Please feel free to make me an offer on any or
all of the following. I provide Rio Grande stock numbers, as this is
where i purchased the items, and you can see them on the Rio Grande
site by entering the stock number into the search box.

Please email me [barry AT tuddenham DOT ca] if you wish to purchase any
(all) and make me an offer!

A) Swanstrom Rectangular Cutter Set. Cost $395.00. Rio Grande stock


B) Fretz Jeweler’s Hammer Assortment (set of 5) Cost $239.00. Rio
Grande stock # 112477

C) Fretz Stake Holder (Rio Grande stock # 112659) and 2 forming
stakes (112635 and 112634) Cost $265.00

D) Bonny Doon Silhouette Die Kit with 2 die plates. Cost $337.65.
Rio Grande stock # 110486

I have a number of other items that i will probably throw in if the
offer is right.

MUST SELL. Make me an offer.